About Us

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About Us

Thanks to the close integration of our highly specialised and long-standing business units, ODIGOS can provide access to new purchases in Mortgage Loan Portfolios and unsecured Loan. Our product advisors leave no stone unturned to ensure that your loan requirement is not just well studied, it’s also taken up with utmost sincerity to ensure you get the best of breed options to choose from. As one of the leading loan and financial product comparison company in the country, ODIGOS provides you with an unbiased platform to analyse and decide upon the available deals in the market. ODIGOS a one stop house for all your financial needs, including Home Loans, House Building Loan, Loan Against Property, Loan Against Vacant Land, Unsecured Business Loan , Balance Transfers among others , Agri Loan , Government Subsidy Loan like CGTSME , Prodhan Mantri Yasas Jajona, Personal Loan and Others. ODIGOS ensures that via our internally developed highly proficient Loan Calculator algorithm, we provide you with the best options and deals for the loan/financial product of your choice.

Our extensive relationships with all major national PSU Banks , Private Banks and NBFCs service providers, coupled with the cutting edge technology ensure that upon specifying your requirement, you get the most competitive options that are tailor made to suit your needs, and all of this done at a few clicks.

At ODIGOS, we are committed in ensuring the best experience in terms of customer service and satisfaction, and hence all our customer reps are cherry picked and our escalation matrix goes right up to our MANAGING PARTNERS & SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT. So let’s get started together and get you the loan that you deserve.


ODIGOS to be the most trusted name in sales & distribution of ’financial Services’ products, retails asset, Mortgage and Financial portfolios; delivering solutions that full fill today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams. For us at ODIGOS , it is our mission to ensure to be the most effective catalyst in providing the most efficient financial services, encompassing availability and affordability at the right time, which we term as financial inclusion. 

 Our Objective: Value. Service .Excellence

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